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Aohan Banner/敖汉旗, Inner Mongolia/内蒙古: 024300

Aohan Banner/敖汉旗 is located in Inner Mongolia/内蒙古, China. Its zip code is 024300.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Aohan Banner/敖汉旗? Here's the list of sub-regions in Aohan Banner/敖汉旗.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Aohan Banner/敖汉旗等 024300
Aoji Township/敖吉乡等 024315
Aorunsumosumu Villages/敖润苏莫苏木所属各村等 024312
Aoyinwusu Township/敖音勿苏乡等 024316
Baoguotu Township/宝国吐乡等 024323
Beizifu Township/贝子府乡等 024319
Changsheng Township/长胜乡等 024311
Dadianzi Township/大甸子乡等 024322
Fengshou Township/丰收乡等 024317
Gulubanhao Township/古鲁板蒿乡等 024309
Hashatu Township/哈沙吐乡等 024306
Jinchanggouliang Town/金厂沟梁镇等 024327
Kelidai Township/克力代乡等 024318
Linjiade Township/林家地乡等 024325
Manihan Township/玛尼罕乡等 024307
Niugutu Township/牛古吐乡等 024313
Saliba Township/萨力巴乡等 024329
Shuangjing Township/双井乡等 024308
Sidao Wanzi Town/四道湾子镇等 024328
Sidetang Township/四德堂乡等 024331
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