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Anyue County/安岳县, Sichuan/四川: 642300

Anyue County/安岳县 is located in Sichuan/四川, China. Its zip code is 642300.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Anyue County/安岳县? Here's the list of sub-regions in Anyue County/安岳县.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Annong Township/安农乡等 642350
Baishui Township/白水乡等 642353
Baitasi Township/白塔寺乡等 642357
Bali Township/八里乡等 642352
Baohua Township/宝华乡等 642366
Changhetubian Township/长河土扁乡等 642372
Chaoyang Township/朝阳乡等 642367
Daping Township/大平乡等 642364
Fanjuan Township/翻身乡等 642356
Gaosheng Township/高升乡等 642355
Gaowu Township/高屋乡等 642359
Gonghe Township/共和乡等 642362
Huangjue Township/黄桷乡等 642351
Huayan Township/华严乡等 642369
Hujian Township/护建乡等 642361
Hulong Township/护龙乡等 642368
Liangbanqiao Township/两板桥乡等 642358
Linfeng Township/林凤乡等 642354
Shiban Township/石板乡等 642363
Tianlin Township/天林乡等 642371
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