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Anyang City/安阳市, Henan/河南: 455000

Anyang City/安阳市 is located in Henan/河南, China. Its zip code is 455000.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Anyang City/安阳市? Here's the list of sub-regions in Anyang City/安阳市.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Aimin Road/爱民路等 455000
Anfeng Township/安丰乡等 455043
Angangdadaoxiduan/安钢大道西段等 455004
Baibi Township/白壁乡等 455012
Beidamin, Guodamin, Hedamin/北大岷、郭大岷、何大岷、等 455032
Beiguo Township/北郭乡等 455013
Cuizhuang, Beilizhuang, Dongdaotian/崔庄、北李庄、东稻田、等 455042
Donglongshan, Beifangshan/东龙山、北方山等 455033
Duli Township/都里乡等 455041
Guocun Township/郭村乡等 455031
Leikou Township/磊口乡等 455035
Longquan Township/龙泉乡等 455003
Majia Township/马家乡等 455036
Nanping, Xiejiazhuang, Fengjiadong/南平、谢家庄、冯家洞、等 455034
Shachangzhigongsushequanbu/纱厂职工宿舍全部等 455005
Xindian Township/辛店乡等 455011
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