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Anlu City/安陆市, Hubei/湖北: 432600

Anlu City/安陆市 is located in Hubei/湖北, China. Its zip code is 432600.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Anlu City/安陆市? Here's the list of sub-regions in Anlu City/安陆市.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Anlu City/安陆市等 432600
Beifan Township/孛畈乡等 432625
Chendian Township/陈店乡等 432613
Etou Township/扼头乡等 432621
Heshui Township/河水乡等 432623
Huizhai Road/会寨路等 432628
Leigong Township/雷公乡等 432622
Lidian District and Villages/李店区及所属各乡、村等 432614
Muzi Township/木梓乡等 432619
Sangshu Township/桑树乡等 432616
Tangdi Villages/棠棣区及所属各村等 432618
Xundian Township/巡店乡等 432615
Yandian Township/烟店乡等 432624
Zhaopeng Township/赵棚乡等 432611
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China Envelope Example
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