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Anfu County/安福县, Jiangxi/江西: 343200

Anfu County/安福县 is located in Jiangxi/江西, China. Its zip code is 343200.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Anfu County/安福县? Here's the list of sub-regions in Anfu County/安福县.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Anfu County/安福县等 343200
Chigu Township/赤谷乡等 343203
Dabu Township/大布乡等 343209
Dashan Township/大山乡等 343206
Fengtian Township/枫田乡等 343226
Ganluo Township/甘洛乡等 343222
Guashe Township/瓜畲乡等 343228
Henglong Township/横龙乡等 343224
Hukeng Town/浒坑镇等 343205
Jintian Township/金田乡等 343218
Liaokuang Township/寮圹乡等 343223
Pengfang Township/彭坊乡等 343214
Shanzhuang Township/山庄乡等 343202
Yangmen Township/洋门乡等 343216
Yangxi Township/洋溪乡等 343211
Yantian Township/严田乡等 343212
Zhangzhuang Township/章庄乡等 343204
Zhouhu Township/洲湖乡等 343221
Zhujiang Township/竹江乡等 343225
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