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Anda City/安达市, Heilongjiang/黑龙江: 151400

Anda City/安达市 is located in Heilongjiang/黑龙江, China. Its zip code is 151400.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Anda City/安达市? Here's the list of sub-regions in Anda City/安达市.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Anda City/安达市等 151400
Andashitiexi Village/安达市铁西所属各街各村等 151401
Changde Town/昌德镇等 151413
Huoshishan Township/火石山乡等 151433
Jixinggang Township/吉兴岗乡等 151429
Laohugang Town/老虎岗镇等 151426
Nanle Township/南乐乡等 151404
Qingkenpao Township/青肯泡乡等 151431
Renmin Town/任民镇等 151423
Shengping Town/升平镇等 151412
Sipingshan Township/四平山乡等 151428
Taipingzhuang Town/太平庄镇等 151424
Wanbaoshan Town/万宝山镇等 151405
Wenhua Township/文化乡等 151427
Wolitun Township/卧里屯乡等 151402
Yangcao Town/羊草镇等 151403
Zhongben Town/中本镇等 151422
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