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Alukeerqin Banner/阿鲁科尔沁旗, Inner Mongolia/内蒙古: 025500

Alukeerqin Banner/阿鲁科尔沁旗 is located in Inner Mongolia/内蒙古, China. Its zip code is 025500.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Alukeerqin Banner/阿鲁科尔沁旗? Here's the list of sub-regions in Alukeerqin Banner/阿鲁科尔沁旗.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Alukeerqin Banner/阿鲁科尔沁旗等 025550
Baichengzi Township/白城子乡等 025578
Balaqirudesumu Villages/巴拉奇如德苏木所属各村等 025568
Baolizhaosumu Villages/宝力召苏木所属各村等 025579
Bayanbaoligesumu Villages/巴彦宝力格苏木所属各村等 025573
Bayanbaote Township/巴彦包特乡等 025572
Bayanhua Town/巴彦花镇等 025557
Bayannuoersumu Villages/巴彦诺尔苏木所属各村等 025576
Bayanwendusumu Villages/巴彦温都苏木所属各村等 025561
Chaidamusumu Villages/柴达木苏木所属各村等 025575
Daodesumu Villages/道德苏木所属各村等 025566
Daolunbaixing Township/道伦百姓乡等 025577
Dongshaburitai Township/东沙布日台乡等 025581
Gangtai Township/岗台乡等 025582
Hansumusumu Villages/罕苏木苏木所属各村等 025559
Huhegerisumu Villages/呼和格日苏木所属各村等 025574
Kundu Town/昆都镇等 025558
Ping'an Township/平安乡等 025583
Qiaomaitala Township/荞麦塔拉乡等 025555
Saihantalasumu Villages/赛汉塔拉苏木所属各村等 025562
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