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Alashanyou Banner/阿拉善右旗, Inner Mongolia/内蒙古: 737300

Alashanyou Banner/阿拉善右旗 is located in Inner Mongolia/内蒙古, China. Its zip code is 737300.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Alashanyou Banner/阿拉善右旗? Here's the list of sub-regions in Alashanyou Banner/阿拉善右旗.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Alashanyou Banner/阿拉善右旗等 737300
Alatengaobao Villages/阿拉腾敖包苏木所属各嘎查等 737314
Alatengchao Village/阿拉腾朝格苏木所属各嘎查等 737308
Chenjiajingde Prefecture/陈家井地区等 737304
Eribugai Villages/额日布盖苏木所属各嘎查等 737306
Gacha/嘎查等 737316
Gacha, Chagantonggegacha/嘎查、查干通格嘎查等 737305
Gonghuduge Town/贡呼都格镇等 737311
Menggenbula Village/孟根布拉格苏木所属各嘎查等 737313
Naorigai Villages/努日盖苏木所属各嘎查等 737307
Saritai Villages/萨日台苏木所属各嘎查等 737309
Shugui Villages/树贵苏木所属各嘎查等 737317
Sunburi Villages/笋布日苏木所属各嘎查等 737315
Yabulai Villages/雅布赖苏木所属各嘎查等 737312
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