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Abaga Banner/阿巴嘎旗, Inner Mongolia/内蒙古: 011400

Abaga Banner/阿巴嘎旗 is located in Inner Mongolia/内蒙古, China. Its zip code is 011400.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Abaga Banner/阿巴嘎旗? Here's the list of sub-regions in Abaga Banner/阿巴嘎旗.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Abaga Banner/阿巴嘎旗等 011400
Baogeduwula Villages/宝格都乌拉苏木所属各嘎查等 011407
Bayandeligeer And Others/巴彦德力格尔苏木所属各等 011406
Bayantuga Villages/巴彦图嘎苏木所属各嘎查等 011411
Chagannuoer Villages/查干诺尔苏木所属各嘎查等 011419
Delegeer Villages/德勒格尔苏木所属各嘎查等 011417
Eerdenggaobi Villages/额尔登高毕苏木所属各嘎查等 011412
Gacha/嘎查等 011409
Honggeer Villages/洪格尔苏木所属各嘎查等 011418
Hundiwusu Villages/浑迪乌苏苏木所属各嘎查等 011416
Jiergalangtu Villages/吉尔嘎郎图苏木所属各嘎查等 011414
Narenbaola Village/那仁宝拉格苏木所属各嘎查等 011408
Yihegaole Villages/伊和高勒苏木所属各嘎查等 011413
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