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This is the Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

Region 1

Which sub-regions are included in Heilongjiang/黑龙江? Here's the list of sub-regions in Heilongjiang/黑龙江.
Region1 Region2
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Acheng City/阿城市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Anda City/安达市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Bayan County/巴彦县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Baiquan County/拜泉县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Baoqing County/宝清县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Beian City/北安市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Bin County/宾县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Boli County/勃利县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Daqing City/大庆市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Daxing'anling/大兴安岭
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Dailing District/带岭区
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Dongning County/东宁县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Duerbaote County/杜尔伯特县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Fangzheng County/方正县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Fuyuan County/抚远县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Fujin City/富锦市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Fuyu County/富裕县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Gannan County/甘南县
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Haerbin City/哈尔滨市
Heilongjiang/黑龙江 Hailin City/海林市
Envelope Example
China Envelope Example
For more explanation, please read the official document: chn.pdf . (English)

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