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This is the Fujian/福建 Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

Region 1
Region 1Fujian/福建
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Which sub-regions are included in Fujian/福建? Here's the list of sub-regions in Fujian/福建.
Region1 Region2
Fujian/福建 Anxi County/安溪县
Fujian/福建 Datian County/大田县
Fujian/福建 Dehua County/德化县
Fujian/福建 Dongshan County/东山县
Fujian/福建 Fu'an City/福安市
Fujian/福建 Fuding City/福鼎市
Fujian/福建 Fuqing City/福清市
Fujian/福建 Fuzhou City/福州市
Fujian/福建 Gutian County/古田县
Fujian/福建 Guangze County/光泽县
Fujian/福建 Hua'an County/华安县
Fujian/福建 Hui'an County/惠安县
Fujian/福建 Jianning County/建宁县
Fujian/福建 Jianou City/建瓯市
Fujian/福建 Jianyang City/建阳市
Fujian/福建 Jiangle County/将乐县
Fujian/福建 Jinmen County/金门县
Fujian/福建 Jinjiang City/晋江市
Fujian/福建 Liancheng County/连城县
Fujian/福建 Lianjiang County/连江县
Envelope Example
China Envelope Example
For more explanation, please read the official document: chn.pdf . (English)

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