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This is the Chongqing/重庆 Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

Region 1
Region 1Chongqing/重庆
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Which sub-regions are included in Chongqing/重庆? Here's the list of sub-regions in Chongqing/重庆.
Region1 Region2
Chongqing/重庆 Banan District/巴南区
Chongqing/重庆 Beibei District/北碚区
Chongqing/重庆 Bishan County/壁山县
Chongqing/重庆 Chengkou County/城口县
Chongqing/重庆 Dazu County/大足县
Chongqing/重庆 Dianjiang County/垫江县
Chongqing/重庆 Fengdu County/丰都县
Chongqing/重庆 Fengjie County/奉节县
Chongqing/重庆 Fuling District/涪陵区
Chongqing/重庆 Hechuan County/合川县
Chongqing/重庆 Jiangjin City/江津市
Chongqing/重庆 Kai County/开县
Chongqing/重庆 Liangping County/梁平县
Chongqing/重庆 Nanchuan City/南川市
Chongqing/重庆 Pengshui Tujia and Miao Autonomous County/彭水苗族土家族自治县
Chongqing/重庆 Qijiang County/綦江县
Chongqing/重庆 Qianjiang District/黔江区
Chongqing/重庆 Rongchang County/荣昌县
Chongqing/重庆 Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County/石柱土家族自治县
Chongqing/重庆 Shuangqiao District/双桥区
Envelope Example
China Envelope Example
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